This Week in Movie Trailers – Deserts, Darkness, and a Drummer

There were a LOT of trailers this week – so I’m saving some for next week. Ok, let’s go!

Young Ones

I don’t know about you, but I love it when Michael Shannon goes crazy off the rails. I also have become a big Nicholas Hoult fan since Warm Bodies has wormed its way into the collection of movies I watch over and over again while sewing. Add a too-close-to-home water crisis in a dystopian future, forbidden romance, dreamy visuals and I’m in! Let’s do this. (October)


File under “Straight-to-Netflix releases that Justin will put on to bore himself to sleep.” (October)



Oooh, I love it! Jake Gyllenhaal is best when his character is kind of creepy. And THIS! Grown-up Donnie Darko plays the arch-nemesis to the antihero from Drive. PLUS the moral ambiguity of scuzzy TV news broadcasts? I’m in. (October)


Amityville: The Awakening

Watch out, this one’s jumpy. Obviously the premise is tired, but the coma kid is scary as heck. Also, Red Forman. I wonder whether/not Justin will like this? I probably won’t see it unless he tells me it’s great (ala The Conjuring). (January)



I want to be excited about this, but I just have a nagging feeling it’s not going to be good. I mean, this is regurgitating so many ideas other people have already made (more interesting?) movies about. Water shortage in a dystopian future? Check (see above – also, Waterworld). Discrimination against non-humans?  See District 9. Vast future wasteland setting? See Oblivion. Robots evolving into a new life form? See I Robot, see The Matrix, – heck, see Bladerunner. I don’t know. Am I being too much of a pessimist? Cheer up, Betsy… maybe this will be great! (October)


Life After Beth

I giggled at the end part where she’s strapped to the dryer. (Now Showing)



I like that Miles Teller! This movie looks pretty intense, which is not something I expected to say about a trailer for a movie about a jazz drummer. But hey! There you go. (December)


The Pyramid

The scariest part of the haunted house is always the part where they make you wander around in the dark – and this looks like about 2 hours of that. Which will either be really awesome and scary or really boring. My gut thinks it will be awesome. (December)


As Above, So Below

This movie was probably really cheap to make.  Dusty “underground” chamber + add nostalgic object = freak out. Repeat. (Now Showing)


-betsy midnight

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