This Week in Movie Trailers – Cymbeline, Stewart, and a Songwriter

Featuring unexpected first-time directors, a highly anticipated sequel, an energetic take on one of Shakespeare’s rarely produced plays, and Steve Carell as a super creep.


Yes THAT Jon Stewart adapted a memoir by a journalist who was imprisoned in Iran for 100+ days in 2009 into a screenplay – and then he directed that screenplay into a movie that stars Gabriel Garcia-Bernal. What they don’t tell you is that Jon Stewart featured this journalist (Maziar Behari) in a segment on his joke news show in 2009 – and that the Iranian government used this clip as evidence against him during his imprisonment. AND in anticipation of the release of this film, Iranian TV is whipping up a conspiracy theory in which Jon Stewart is actually a superspy for the CIA. This = our real world that we live in. Yikes.

Creepy as hell reality aside for a moment, this movie looks good. Movies that feature imprisonment and torture tend to push me to a really dark place in my childhood mind where I used to wonder – as a little girl – whether/not I would have the strength to die for my beliefs (as opposed to – say, wondering whether or not puppies understand English). So I don’t seek them out typically. But every once in awhile, it’s important to remember that normal people can be extraordinary when pushed into the darkest corners. Because if pushed myself, I hope that I’d have the strength to fight for what’s right. (November)


This looks fucking awesome! Imogen is one of my favorite lady characters in Shakespeare’s works and Dan is one of my favorite Gossip Girls so I don’t see how this isn’t going to be the best movie of 2015. The play is super twisted up in crazy circumstance and has such a weird ending that most storytellers shy away from it… so I’m super curious to see what this one is like. YAY! (January)


Creepy is NOT a word I expected to use about Steve Carell, but holy crap! I didn’t even recognize him. I love Channing Tatum and have a very soft spot for wrestlers, so naturally I’m very into this. From the Director of Moneyball – which I haven’t seen. But I hear it’s good. (November)

ABCs of Death 2

Zany and scary and funny and gross and yes and eek and oh my goodness and more please!  (October)

Paradise Lost

If you are an American dumbass, do not marry Pablo Escobar’s niece. Or you might get shot at some point! I’m just being snarky – this looks good! (November)

The Equalizer

Training Day had some of the tightest tension I’ve experienced in a movie – so Antoine Fuqua and Denzel teaming up again should be great news to all of us. That said – the trailer strikes me as a little flashy, a little predictable… but this will probably be fun anyway. (September)

God Help The Girl

Oooh boy! I love everything about this. It looks charming and sweet and sad like the best Belle & Sebastian songs, and dreamy like watching the scenery change from the windows of a train. Plus – the real Stuart Murdoch! And the cute girl with the baby from Game of Thrones! And it’s a MUSICAL. (September – limited)

betsy midnight

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