This Week in Movie Trailers – It’s Fall, Deal With It

Darkness has fallen over the movie trailer universe as the chill settles in the air and we collectively gorge ourselves on pumpkin lattes. Suspense, mobsters, stalkers, aliens, monsters, murder, Nazis, vehicular manslaughter…. It is NOT comedy week, folks. But, there are some great-looking films coming soon!

Maps to the Stars

I thought this was going to be some kind of drama about discovering yourself or something – and boy was I WRONG. Cronenberg!  Fucking YES! (October)

The Drop

The novelist who wrote Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone, and Shutter Island wrote the screenplay for this movie. Since this is James Gandolfini’s final film, his performance – even as seen in just this trailer – feels charged. I’ll watch Tom Hardy in pretty much anything. And there’s a puppy.  (Now Playing)


I did NOT expect this trailer to go in that direction! Now I’m excited. (October – online, November – limited)

The Town That Dreaded Sundown

YES – spooky Halloween time! Even though this is a remake built on horror movie cliché, there’s something inventive going on in this trailer. The visuals are dreamy with great saturated colors and the tension is sinister. Great title, too. (October)


I’m always rooting for monster movies. I really want them to be good, so I’m into this! Spooky, mysterious…  European. It’s got white brick and blood and pretty ladies and anger management issues.  Tension, pretty cinematography. What else do you want? (Festing)

The Boy Next Door

Who DOESN’T love J. Lo’s cookies!? Amiright? Is that kid seriously supposed to be in high school? How did he get those pictures of them doin’ it and how did the printer tape them up all over the classroom? Is this movie just a really expensive attempt to prove that JLo still looks good? In that regard, it probably succeeds. But that’s it. (January)

Who Am I

As of yet, this film doesn’t have a US release date, and I really hope that changes because I’ve always wanted to watch a German movie about hackers and murder.  (Festing)


The Imitation Game

Benedict Cumberbatch must feel good about himself for doing the best job of anyone at playing an unstoppably brilliant charismatic genius. Can anyone compete with this guy? Geez. (November)


Days and Nights

I am feeling pretty charmed by this lovely-looking trailer, but I admit that it may be just because Ben Whishaw is in it. That kid is so amazing to watch. Just looking at his face and thinking about Cloud Atlas breaks my heart. Inspired by Chekhov’s The Seagull. (September)


The Judge

The trailer for this movie about vehicular manslaughter and strained father/son relationships has oddly uplifting music and it’s totally weirding me out. (October)

– betsy midnight

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