Let’s Talk about Hardcore Henry


If you’ve been to see Deadpool or The VVitch or the Revenant in the past month or so, you’ve likely been treated to the rather impactful trailer for Hardcore Henry. I’ve seen it in the theater no less than three times now, and the excitement keeps ratcheting up. It’s set to release here in just about a month, so if you haven’t seen it, here it is (OR you could buy a ticket to London Has Fallen or Gods of Egypt if you’re short on time but still want the big screen experience. Your call. I hear there’s little to no risk you’ll want to stick around after).


I usually don’t let myself get too excited for films I truly know so little about, but I can’t help it with Hardcore Henry. This looks like a wicked good time. Bonkers, first person action, a kooky Sci Fi plot about cyborg super soldiers, the beer-and-organ-music-possessed-hockey-player costumes from Strange Brew, that guy from District 9 acting as a homicidal mercenary guide through it all?! Yeah, I’m pretty excited.

But wait, this feels familiar. After catching this thing a couple times, I recalled having seen a first person music video for a Russian “punk” band a while back with a similar brand of violence. Yep, I did. They’re called Biting Elbows, and the video is here:

Sorry for the music, but the front man of this band is also the director, so he gets to pick. Think of it as an excellent super short film with a lousy soundtrack. Which, I guess, is a commercial. Think of it as a commercial. You love the Superbowl anyway. I’m just glad they went with Queen for the trailer.

So these guys are Russian! AND, HxH was produced by some of the same maniacs that brought you those insane and mega misguided Nightwatch adaptations. All sorts of curveballs with this one… and that tattoo. It might be terrible, but I doubt it. I don’t doubt that it will be fun to see at least twice in the theater, hopefully in IMAX. Who wants to go? April 8, y’all.

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